Inside the Iyengar Yoga Institute

imageThese are pictures inside, I got a rare opportunity to take them my fisrt day as I was checking in because no one was there. It was a magical time and so surreal to be alone in this great space where I have seen many videos and pictures of Guruji, Geetaji and Prachantji practicing and teaching yoga. I also got my class list and I was so happy to learn I got into the classes that Geetaji , Prashantji and Sunitaji would be teaching! I am now home and reflecting on my time I got to spend there and I will always feel blessed for this . imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Inside the Iyenagr Institute Pune India

Inside the Iyenagr Institute Pune India


Iyengar Institute

image Here are some photo’s of the grounds of the Iyenagr Institute and of the rooftop where you see Patanjali’s hood over a statue of Hanuman. When I was leaving today they were polishing the white figures of Guruji making them all nice and shiny .A very magical place to be and to learn.. I will miss it so much. image image image image image image

Pune heritage walk

imagePune heritage walk was well worth it , we got to tour the city on foot and see many temples and homes being restored. The older homes had a small window above a door or larger window to bring in air and light but to small for someone to enter. Front doors also had smaller doors for protection from intruders with weapons . They were plotting to overthrow the British and would meet in buildings with doors that could only open from the inside so they could escape out the back , notice Ganesh slaying a solider, this is one of the oldest temple in Pune . Keep reading »

Me and Geetaji

This morning we had a 2 hr. class with Geetaji that ran an extra hour. She was very delightful and had us sit for a long time in swastikasana , one point was given was for us to take our face back , if the face is forward then you cannot go within. We moved into some seated forward bends, Janu sirsasana that was held a very long time and repeated many times but she was working on us to extend every fiber on our body , making space where we feel held back and to keep going. Paschimottanasana lifting our buttocks one at a time and extending them back and out to release our hamstings, my new freind Amy was called up to the platform and Geeta got her hamstrings to move and her dorsal spine to extend it was very inspiering. Now Ustrasana , kneeling on the hard floor I was trying to get my mat or blanket to give me enough coushin I have to say my knees were talking to me! Geeta told us to go forward with the bottocks to go up and back with our trunk, and then I hear

“you with the green shirt come up here to the front of the platform ( ME) bring your props (ME) kneel here (ME) YES ME

She instucted me to have some space between me and the platform and go all the way forward until my pelvice was touching , it was really freeing , my knees actually felt better ( still a little tender) but it was so magical to be so close and be instucted by her.

We did many backbends after and the focus was on the buttcks lifting , going to the leg side in Urdhava Danurasana to get the extension of the arms and openess of the chest, looking back not up  both in Ustrasana and Viparita Dandasana. It was a wonderful  3 hr’s

Diwali at the Iyengar Institute

This was at the Iyengar Institute the first celebration since Guruji left us ! Geetaji reminded us of all the knowledge and books he gave us and to keep up our studies of the Sutras . Today of Diwali was dedicated to Patanjali


Pune market

Pune market-  That Mahatma Phule built inside was the food items , it smelled wonderful , lots of fresh vegetables and colorful items outside to celebrate Diwali ! It made us all hungry as we took a tour of different parts of pune

My first class with Geetaji/ My Apartment


My first class with Geetaji was as spectacular as I thought it would be!She had us jumping and breathing to become light within our bodies, to look into the future to see where we are headed in our asans before we junp back and forth from A.M.S. to Uttanasna & from A.M.S. to standing asanas. Keeping our minds focused on what we are doing in class and to not think of what kind of tea we will be drinking this afternoon, what we will have in our tea. She was very funny and had us all laughing and listening , truly wonerful.

I am staying right next to the Institute on the 7th floor of the Anugraha Apartments, very nice and clean with a lot of other yogis on other floors.

First asana class with Prashantji

My first asana class and I get Prashantji as a teacher! I have to say it was even more wonderful then I expected, he would give ua an asana to do then ask us how to take our breath – Take a full inhalation and hold and then a full exhalation and hold and then observe how it changes our body and also how we can change our body-Svadhyaya ( Self study) was intertwined thoughout the whole class with different ways for us to observe .

Process & Purpose – Standerdized or customized – organic or photo like (if we were doing the asnas for a photo shoot)

He wanted us to use our brain as much as we use our muscles

” why do we sculpt our muscels and not our minds when doing asanas?”  there were many more

It was just wonderful

india 2015


My friend Karyl and I got checked in for our classes we begin Monday morning at 7am ! I will be attending a class everyday for 2 or so hours then go to the practice hall for 3 hours. I also will be sitting in on the medical classes to observe and learn. I am so blessed to be here and I cannot wait to learn and study with the best!

India 2015

imageimageimageimageIt was a long flight and hard to say goodbye to my boys, here is my room for 2 days . I did not sit next to anyone so I got to do a lot of seated asanas on the 2 flights that only took me 27hr. I will post more as soon

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