free classes


Tuesday nights we will have 3 free classes to get you ready for the 108 Sun Salutation, for the Yoga for Non-violence Benefit at the Arts Center of Mississippi August 6 9am-11:30am

This is for everyone at every level and so is our practice sessions so tell all of your friends. Go to Facebook, Yoga for nonviolence for other class times at other studios and if you have not already please like StudiOm Yoga on Facebook, see the Center for violence prevention for info on $25 tax free donation for event, thanks Nichole
Class times at StudiOm Yoga
Tonight July 12th 7:15pm
July  19th 7:15pm
July  26th 7:15pm
I hope to see you soon, Nichole

Sutra 2:35 Ahimsapratisthayam tatsannidhau vairatyagah
When non-violence in speech, thought and action is established, all beings around us cease to feel hostility