Me and Geetaji

This morning we had a 2 hr. class with Geetaji that ran an extra hour. She was very delightful and had us sit for a long time in swastikasana , one point was given was for us to take our face back , if the face is forward then you cannot go within. We moved into some seated forward bends, Janu sirsasana that was held a very long time and repeated many times but she was working on us to extend every fiber on our body , making space where we feel held back and to keep going. Paschimottanasana lifting our buttocks one at a time and extending them back and out to release our hamstings, my new freind Amy was called up to the platform and Geeta got her hamstrings to move and her dorsal spine to extend it was very inspiering. Now Ustrasana , kneeling on the hard floor I was trying to get my mat or blanket to give me enough coushin I have to say my knees were talking to me! Geeta told us to go forward with the bottocks to go up and back with our trunk, and then I hear

“you with the green shirt come up here to the front of the platform ( ME) bring your props (ME) kneel here (ME) YES ME

She instucted me to have some space between me and the platform and go all the way forward until my pelvice was touching , it was really freeing , my knees actually felt better ( still a little tender) but it was so magical to be so close and be instucted by her.

We did many backbends after and the focus was on the buttcks lifting , going to the leg side in Urdhava Danurasana to get the extension of the arms and openess of the chest, looking back not up  both in Ustrasana and Viparita Dandasana. It was a wonderful  3 hr’s