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Inside the Iyengar Yoga Institute

These are pictures inside, I got a rare opportunity to take them my fisrt day as I was checking in because no one was there. It was a magical time and so surreal to be alone in this great space where I have seen many videos and pictures of Guruji, Geetaji and Prachantji practicing and […]

Iyengar Institute

┬áHere are some photo’s of the grounds of the Iyenagr Institute and of the rooftop where you see Patanjali’s hood over a statue of Hanuman. When I was leaving today they were polishing the white figures of Guruji making them all nice and shiny .A very magical place to be and to learn.. I will […]

Pune heritage walk

Pune heritage walk was well worth it , we got to tour the city on foot and see many temples and homes being restored. The older homes had a small window above a door or larger window to bring in air and light but to small for someone to enter. Front doors also had smaller […]

Me and Geetaji

This morning we had a 2 hr. class with Geetaji that ran an extra hour. She was very delightful and had us sit for a long time in swastikasana , one point was given was for us to take our face back , if the face is forward then you cannot go within. We moved […]

Diwali at the Iyengar Institute

This was at the Iyengar Institute the first celebration since Guruji left us ! Geetaji reminded us of all the knowledge and books he gave us and to keep up our studies of the Sutras . Today of Diwali was dedicated to Patanjali

My first class with Geetaji/ My Apartment

? My first class with Geetaji was as spectacular as I thought it would be!She had us jumping and breathing to become light within our bodies, to look into the future to see where we are headed in our asans before we junp back and forth from A.M.S. to Uttanasna & from A.M.S. to standing […]

First asana class with Prashantji

My first asana class and I get Prashantji as a teacher! I have to say it was even more wonderful then I expected, he would give ua an asana to do then ask us how to take our breath – Take a full inhalation and hold and then a full exhalation and hold and then […]

india 2015

My friend Karyl and I got checked in for our classes we begin Monday morning at 7am ! I will be attending a class everyday for 2 or so hours then go to the practice hall for 3 hours. I also will be sitting in on the medical classes to observe and learn. I am […]

India 2015

It was a long flight and hard to say goodbye to my boys, here is my room for 2 days . I did not sit next to anyone so I got to do a lot of seated asanas on the 2 flights that only took me 27hr. I will post more as soon

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