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Fell the meditation in every asana

You can only get stronger  in the body with practice , stronger in the mind with concentration


This week we will be doing Back bends, opening the chest by bringing the shoulder blades forward to lift us into our asanas!


Just finished a teacher workshop in New Orleans with Karin O’Bannon, it was wonderful,one thing we learned is to really lift your knee cap as you straighten your legs, this will help you to engage your quads as they also need to lift also.


” The eyes are the windows of the brian, the ears the windows of the mind, to know oneself is to know ones body, mind and soul”  B.K.S. Iyengar


This week come in and restore yourself with breath and body awareness

Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar Yoga practice stresses body alignment to obtain the maximum benefits of any pose and avoid injury. It emphasises holding poses or asanas over long periods as against quick movement of the asanas. It also makes use of props such as yoga blankets, cushions, blocks, sand bags and straps in order to bring the […]

free classes

  Tuesday nights we will have 3 free classes to get you ready for the 108 Sun Salutation, for the Yoga for Non-violence Benefit at the Arts Center of Mississippi August 6 9am-11:30am This is for everyone at every level and so is our practice sessions so tell all of your friends. Go to Facebook, […]


Hey everyone we have only 8 days left so sign up now!!  go to to get info, Peace and love Nichole


Sutra 2.47                                                                                                           […]

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