‚ÄčNichole Baker is the owner of StudiOm Yoga and is a Intermediate Junior 2 certified Iyengar yoga instructor CIYT, and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapist IAYT. Nichole began taking yoga classes 23 years ago to strengthen her back. She wore a back brace for her scoliosis but continued to feel weak and unbalanced and has found the Iyengar method with precision based alignment just what she needed. Nichole has dedicated herself to Iyengar Yoga and continues to study with Senior Iyengar teachers like Randy Just, Dean Lerner, Gabriella Giubilaro and Patrica Walden. Nichole has studied with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Institute in Pune India and travels regularly to continue and further her knowledge of Iyengar Yoga. Nichole opened StudiOm Yoga 9 years ago and has been teaching for over 20 years. StudiOm offers a safe, open and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at any age , with or without any knowledge of yoga

Lauren is an Introductory I/II certified Iyengar yoga instructor and has been teaching for the last eight years. She has been a student of Iyengar yoga for the past 18 years and continues to further her knowledge of the Iyengar tradition through teacher training and attending workshops with several Senior Iyengar teachers. Lauren enjoys yoga as a way to maintain her strength and flexibility and finds yoga to be a great way to release and relax from the daily stresses of life. She is also an architect working as a Project Manager with the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Alyssa Sikora has practiced Iyengar Yoga for the last three years, and has attended Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training with Senior teacher, Randy Just, the last two years. Alyssa's yoga practice began in college 12 years ago. She took classes in Flow, Hatha, and Yin/Yang. Alyssa also studied yoga and meditation at the Satchidinanda Ashram in Virginia in 2014. Alyssa believes in the philosophy of ahimsa or non-violence towards all living creatures and upholds a completely plant-based lifestyle. She is a certified Food for Life Instructor through the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, and is a plant-based chef through the Rouxbe Cooking School. Alyssa also has a Master's Degree in International Relations, and has traveled throughout Asia and Europe.

Stephanie enjoyed various styles of yoga, off and on for 10 years (mostly at gyms and via the internet). Initially, she hoped to improve her strength and flexibility, but discovered the real gift of yoga was the positive effect it has on the mind and spirit. She first experienced the Iyengar method at StudiOm, where she was intrigued by the style of teaching and its focus on alignment. Stephanie has been studying and teaching the Iyengar method for two years, under Nichole Baker and Randy Just. She has attended workshops and teacher trainings, and continues to learn and grow as a practitioner and as a teacher. Stephanie also practices as an occupational therapist, utilizing yoga in her treatment. She has seen the positive benefits of yoga in her personal life and in her patients. It is her goal to share yoga with others so they can experience the beauty, strength, and calmness that Yoga has to offer.